Bertrand Lescot

Pop, Reggae

Bertrand Lescot is a young Entrepreneur who lived most of his life in Haiti. His music is inspired by a strong Caribbean root and North American influence of R&B, Soul and Pop. Bertrand was exposed to music at a young age and recorded his first single at the age of 12 in a black owed studio, in Jackson, Mississippi USA, were legends of Jazz and Blues had once recorded some legendary songs. Even though that album never saw the day, because of ownership dispute, he continued to learn music on his own by playing on a 100 year old piano his mother had bought as decoration, he also learned the basics of guitare playing with the help of friends in the music field.

Around 2007, as a University student in Montreal, Canada, he joined his friends Haitian “Kompa” band as a singer for over a year were he learned about live performance and staging. From 2008 to 2015, Bertrand focused on song writing and song drafting for close friends that were making it in the industry. After a long learning curve and with the ambition of the Korus Music Group, Bertrand Lescot decided that it was time to let the world know about is music threw an EP that is due to drop late 2017.

Bertrand Lescot 2.PNG